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Science Fair for Young Children

The important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them.”
~William Lawrence Bragg,
the youngest person ever to receive a Nobel Prize in 1915 at the age of 25.


Science is the systematic study of nature and the knowledge gained thereby. While the scientific facts are important, facts alone – divorced from methods employed to discover or learn them – are incomplete, and could in fact hamper scientific progress.

It is believed that students will learn science and its methods better if science is made more ‘hands-on’ or experimental, where students use their five senses to explore and discover scientific truths. They learn science as they seek to satisfy their curiosity.

Science Fairs are ideal in accomplishing just that by giving students an opportunity to learn a scientific topic or concept in greater depth. This year will be the third year of Science Fair.

The details of the past national level SFYC are summarized in the following table:

Year Num. Of Schools Num. Of Teams Venue
2008 180 197 National science centre, Bukit Ceraka
2009 188 207 TNB Hall, Bangsar

The Fair was a roaring success … and the general feeling of all stakeholders in the fair was that it was electrifying - literally!


SFYC provides simple access to the great world of science of tomorrow. It provides an opportunity to reactivate the scientific neurons which has evolved genetically through our generations.

The science fair embarks upon providing exposure to the young children to explore scientific facts and understand our natural surroundings by questioning and reasoning all that revolves around us in our daily lives.

As science is in everything, Science Fair is for everyone too. Besides the participating students, all teachers and parents, facilitators and all others involved directly or indirectly on an experiment, gains some degree of priceless knowledge.

We, the organizers believe that every seed of knowledge given to the young generation by our dedicated community would yield great fruits in the near future by creating great achievers.

SFYC 2010

In 2010, around 300 teams are expected to take part in the Fair. And, in addition to the national and state level fairs, a significant number of Tamil Schools, too, will be organizing school level fairs so larger number of students could enjoy the Fair’s benefits.


• To use scientific methods to develop an understanding of controls and variables
• To take an open and creative approach to problem solving
• To sharpen their writing skills, ability to work in a team, and to plan and execute tasks
• To develop public speaking skills as they present projects to schoolmates and judges
• To compete and be recognized for their specific achievements; The judging process also provides students with the invaluable experience of developing poise and thinking on their feet


SFYC is a programme specifically designed with Tamil School students in mind, and it is therefore only open to them at present. However, both the state and national fairs are open to the general public who are invited – with their families – to view the projects and talk to participants. Those who are scientifically inclined may also volunteer as project guides, judges, and coordinators.

In January 2010, all Tamil Schools were sent invitation letters requesting them to take part in SFYC 2010. They are to respond by end of February. Upon receiving their applications, we will send them the Science Fair Starter Kit, which has the necessary handbooks, workbooks and video providing a step-by-step guide on undertaking a science project. In addition, the science teachers from participating schools will receive training on helping students with their science projects.

The state and national level science fairs will be held in April-May 2010 and June 2010 respectively.


SFYC 2010 is a large undertaking, where over 5,000 children nationwide will take part. Despite the tireless and unstinting work of hundreds of unpaid volunteers, cost for organising state and national level fair is estimated to be RM 341,680.


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